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Red Wheel/Weiser

Ecologist and Druid John Greer believes that in today’s world we can most easily find the ancient secrets of the universe by observing the workings of the natural world. Detaching from nature has caused an imbalance which has resulted in a mass search for deeper meaning. Greer teaches that putting that search back into the context of natural systems will produce more answers than trying to force natural systems to accommodate our intentions.

According to Greer, the true mystery schools are, and always have been, small groups which meet quietly to pass on the secrets of raising consciousness in order to further universal spiritual evolution. They are not, he says, large, profit-generating organizations offering quick fixes and instant gain. The true laws of the Universe, he tells us, are natural not human-determined. We don’t create reality. We were created by the reality in which we live. We can make changes to that reality by changing our consciousness, but changing consciousness requires work, lots of work, and it must always take into account the balance of the system within which we function. When someone focuses on accumulating money rather than on the natural flow of money through their world, it creates an imbalance that will eventually circle back into their life. The recent cycle of bubble and bust has been a perfect example of that.

If all this makes the book sound like a downer, please know, that it is just the opposite. While reading it, I began to feel as if a great weight was being lifted off my shoulders. It’s a  comfort to be told that you are part of something that grows and changes and heals itself as it moves everything within itself to a higher level. Our world has a natural order — Greer describes it as the Laws of Wholeness, Flow, Balance, Limits, Cause and Effect, Planes, and Evolution — which will carry us along no matter how we participate in it.
This book is a gentle gift — filled with insight, meditations, and affirmations — which can quietly put the reader onto a path that will truly change his or her life. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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