Psychic HOW?


Psychic topics are everywhere these days. A friend told me, a decade ago, that interest in things metaphysical always increases at the turn of a century. She said that something about the extra zeros showing up made people anxious and they looked for ways to make themselves feel more secure. Whether it’s anxiety or the dawning of the New Age, the door to the other side has swung wide open and a huge percentage of our generously-populated world is heading through it.

While I do occasionally tell people that “I talk to dead people for a living,” I now officially refer to myself as a spiritual mentor. The work I do bears very little resemblance to most of what is shown on psychic TV shows.

In the early days of my career, “discerning of spirits” was at the forefront of my work. I talked with people’s spirit guides and summoned unsettled entities for release. I regularly felt, saw, and heard spirit presences. I interacted with them in an almost tangible way that mirrored the experience of the physical plane. I refer to that as astral plane phenomena and it is a heady experience.

For more than a decade now, however, my work has been more centered on the mental plane than on the astral plane. The guides are still there, and I am more closely attuned to them than ever, but our connection is based more in thought than in physical experience or sensation. Because mental connection is much more stable, and requires much less psychic energy, than astral connection, the guides can stay in almost constant contact (like high-speed internet connections). I don’t have to summon them from afar like I used to. I can think a question and “know” the answer. Sometimes the answer is there instantaneously. Sometimes it unfolds over time or comes to me through a book, a TV show, or another person . If the answer is not there, I know that it is not the right time for me to have the information I have asked about, or, perhaps, the answer lies in decisions I need to make for myself. I often find myself telling clients that they need to pick a path and then spirit will send them what they need to move along it. Sometimes it is not the right time to take action in any direction. The hardest message to hear, regardless of the plane it comes from, is “Wait.”

Having said all this, I do find myself thinking more and more about the increasing interest in the astral plane. I am concerned, as I was two decades ago, about people “falling through the looking glass” and getting more adventure than they signed on for. I was lucky to have excellent guidance as I opened to the astral realm. I was blessed to have my guides make sure that I opened slowly and had adequate preparation for what I experienced.

When I began teaching metaphysics, I developed a course in Psychic Development, expanding on my early training, which focuses on unfolding safely and in the context of spiritual development. This book will revisit those principles and put them in written form for the first time. The book will appear in installments on the InannaWorks website.

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