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3-card Tarotcast™ for the week starting June 25

Ambika Wauters • Connections Book Publishing

The Archangel MICHAEL
Don’t be tempted to use trickery or deception to gain an advantage. It will backfire for sure. There is a clear light of truth permeating the physical realm now, protecting all high level enterprises and works in service. Keep your integrity. It will be the greater gain.

The Guardian Angel of SERVICE
Put the greater good ahead of your personal needs this week. This is not necessarily the same thing as putting your needs behind those of another. But if taking a step back to let a universal benefit have more room to manifest, please do it. We will all be better off because of it.

The Guardian Angel of Children
Honoring the Inner Child, whether internally or through surrogate children on the physical plane, increases innocence and joyfulness in the world. Caretake hope and beginnings anywhere you find them in your environment. Believe in magic!

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