Book of Interest—Becoming Aware

Hay House

Can you retrain your brain?

Many of us subscribe to the New Consciousness idea that what and how we think determines much of what happens to us in life. Lisa Garr had a first-hand opportunity to find out just how true that is. Since then she has been sharing what she learned on several radio shows and on the internet. Now she is making her story available in book form.

After suffering a major brain trauma in a biking accident, Garr found herself struggling to recover her ability to speak and remember. She turned to advanced EEG feedback techniques to help her reprogram her brain and restore her functionality. The success of that therapy led her to change her life and devote herself to living fully and helping others to live fully as well.

The key to the lessons that she learned is awareness. Becoming aware of our physical experiences, our true potential, the roadblocks to our full functioning, our ability to process stress, and how well we deal with loss are all major aspects of taking control of our destiny and recognizing the opportunities that are available to us.

Garr is an excellent storyteller and she uses her personal narrative to communicate the things she wishes to share with readers. The ideas she presents so clearly can be life changing. It’s certainly a lot to think about. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Brigid


What can Brigid do for you?

The history of the Celts is shrouded in mystery, as is their “Exalted One”, Brig. The Celts left no written history, so their story is told by neighbors, visitors, and conquerors. The Exalted One, passed on most frequently as Brigid, became one of the survival stories as the Romans, and later Christianity, swept over Celtic lands. Sainted by the Christian church (a testimony to her power as a deity), Brigid was eventually carried to the Caribbean where she became a vital part of Voodoo culture.

This book, a true labor of love for Courtney Weber, is as definitive a history as is possible with the evidence left behind. Her modern pagan practice provides her insight into the story that is missing in strictly academic accounts.

She cautions readers not to engage this powerful Goddess lightly. For those who are brave enough to take on the challenge, she includes meditations, rituals, spells, sacred objects, and, of course, magical potions. It’s a great read with lots of practical information. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Bear & Company

Who really wrote the Gospel of John?

The idea that the Gospel of John is actually a record of the oral teachings of Mary Magdalene is growing in popularity. More and more people are accepting the thought that she was an important figure in the early Christian movement, and may indeed have taught along side Jesus as an equal.

A visit to a cave in Provence provided Jack Angelo with the experience of sensing Mary Magdalene’s presence and opened the door to the pursuit of her wisdom teachings. A lifelong seeker on the shamanic path, he combined his intuitive encounter with scholarly research in order to better understand her role in the early history of Christianity.

In this book, Angelo not only recounts his pursuit of the real Mary Magdalene, he also takes readers through the Fourth Gospel, revealing the layers of wisdom which he has found within the text. In the last part of the book, he helps readers to connect with the lessons that are found there and explore them further on their own.

It is an interesting perspective on both early Christianity and the resurgence of the feminine aspects of spirituality (heart-centered wisdom). It will be an especially valuable tool for anyone interested in subtle energy and the healing modalities associated with that energy. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Strangeling

Blue Angel Publishing

What do you see in the eyes?

If you’re a fan of tarot decks or faeries, you’re probably already a fan of fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. If so, like me, this book will be special treat for you. Page after page of Becket-Giffith’s emotive doe-eyed waifs, interrupted only occasionally by narrative and poetry provided by her two sisters, is almost overwhelming. If you’re new to this artist, it could be life-changing.

From the mysterious bejeweled, multi-armed, blue-tinged goddess in Druga and Tiger to the sullen glare in Painting the Roses Red, one after another of Becket-Giffith’s creations reaches out from the pages and draws us into her world. In addition to great beauty, there are lots and lots of quirky twists, like a nail through a hand-held heart, smiling skeletons, gas masks, and flying fish. Toward the center of the book, is an uncharacteristic winged Owlyn who gives center stage to one of the most intense owls I’ve ever seen. I’ll be going back to this one over and over. I can’t wait to see what Becket-Griffith does next. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Christian Mythology

Inner Traditions

What did Jesus really do?

Thoroughly researched and dense with information, this book sheds light on the origins of Christian holidays, saints, and even the life of Jesus. There has been much discussion in recent decades about what is fact (and what is poetic license) in the familiar stories about early Christianity. Professor Walter takes it all a step further as he documents the evidence supporting the theory that much of Christianity was merged into existing pagan ritual and symbolism. He explains how the need to bring pagan worshippers into the new religion superceded the need to accurately record historical events.

Some readers might be distressed by these revelations, but I think most of you will be intrigued to unravel the mysterious roots of one of the world’s major spiritual traditions. For many New Consciousness readers it will be a relief to find out that the religion in which they were raised is actually tied to natural cycles and common transcendent experiences after all. I highly recommend this book for its insight and attention to detail. It certainly gives readers much to think about. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—The All-Day Energy Diet

Hay House

Are you tired of being tired?

Suddenly, the world is overflowing with holistic nutrition books. The good news is that unlike the world of miracle weight loss diets, there seems to be a growing consensus, backed up by scientific research, about what and how we should eat to be healthy.

What separates these new books is the perspective from which the author presents the information. Yuri Elkaim’s perspective is clearly founded in his personal story. As an energetic teenager and athlete, he was really thrown for a loop when he began losing energy — and his hair! It was a naturopathic doctor who pointed him in the direction of real, sustained healing. He became a believer and is now devoting his time to helping others access the miracle that restored his physical and psychological well-being.

In this book he explains it all, in very specific detail, but in language that makes it easy to understand. He tells us how the body works, including digestive damage and repair, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and that general “sluggishness” that so many of us live with. He provides a 7-Day Energy Reset (including recipes) to jump start healing. The last part of the book tackles other lifestyle issues which impact our ability to process foods effectively. He covers stress reduction techniques, healthy exercise, and creating a mindset that helps our bodies work correctly.

This one has it all, clear, complete, and written from the heart. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Angels of Abundance

Hay House

Are you accessing your full potential for abundance?

The Angel Lady and her son, Grant, have created another great product which merges psychology and angelology. This time they are dealing specifically with manifesting abundance. Grounded in the real world, their advice lifts readers sight above the fray and into the divine realms.

They cover all the bases including asking for help, coping with duality, avoiding jealous energy, tips for raising your energy level, Divine contracts, focusing tools, allowing yourself to receive, and even how to release past life vows of poverty.
They have included special guided meditations at the end of the book to help readers find their way into the positive vibration that will ensure their abundant success.

This is another triumph for Virtue. I am a fan since she released Constant Craving in the mid-1990’s. Once again she has lived up to my expectations. SHOP FOR THE BOOK ( received a free copy of this book.)

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Book of Interest—Refuge Recovery


Have you freed your heart?

Refuge Recovery outlines a recovery program which is based on a non-theistic foundation. While not contradictory to AA and the Twelve Steps, it uses different language and focuses on the issues surrounding addiction and recovery through a different lens. For those who struggle with traditional Judeo-Christian terminology, it offers an alternative anchored in spirituality but which is not faith-based.

The Refuge Recovery protocol relies on the Buddhist Path to Enlightenment but requires no experience of or allegiance to Buddhism. It requires meditation, soul searching, mindfulness, and community. It asks addicts of all kinds to think about the differences between recovery and renunciation, wanting to have things and having to have them, and selfish motivation versus altruistic motivation.

Mentored by Jack Kornfield, Levine has become a respected teacher of Buddhism and speaks with authority and experience as he reassures readers that the Refuge Recovery protocol will lead them to a life of self direction and self esteem. He offers no illusions about the hard work that recovery will require. Instead he lets readers know that recovery is possible and provides very clearly written instructions for how to achieve it. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Attack of the Rudee Crudees—part 3

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Attack of the Rudee Crudees—part two

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