Attack of the Rudee Crudees—part one

Although inspired by actual events, the following story is fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or situations is coincidental.

First Installment

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Book of Interest—Practical Prosperity Magick

Llewellyn Publications

Are you ready for success?

In this information-packed book, Garden Witch Ellen Dugan takes a microscopic look at prosperity rituals. Dugan is one of my favorite authors. When I found out she had written a book about prosperity, I couldn’t wait to read it. When I discovered (in the book’s Introduction) that she had written the book because of a period of financial stress in her own life and done extensive research and analysis in response to that experience, I couldn’t get to the next page fast enough. I wasn’t disappointed.

How to draw prosperity into our lives isn’t the secret many societies pretend it is, but it is more complex than pop culture would lead us to believe. Dugan explains it all using theory, example, and psychological insight in perfectly balanced combination.

While there is plenty of Craft information in the book (correspondences, spells, charms, crystals, candles, planets, etc.), this is as much a book about what doesn’t work as it is a book about what to do. Dugan works very hard to explain why following rituals, step by step, out a book often doesn’t bring the results we are looking for. Even worse, sometimes those efforts bring the results we asked for but they come with a lot of unwanted baggage as well. Whether you’re new to the Craft or a seasoned professional, this book is a gold mine. I’m still rereading it. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution


Is it time to finetune your fundraising strategy?

If you’re stuck at a plateau and haven’t been able to budge from there, then Laurence Pagnoni suggests that it is. Finetuning nonprofits is what he does. He’s got a proven track record. Now he’s offering readers the basics of how he does it. From fairly obvious ideas like recruiting fundraising specialists for the Board of Directors (easier said than done) to more complex strategies like diversifying within a single fundraising strategy rather than expanding the number of different fundraising strategies used, every idea he puts forth is discussed clearly and with plenty of backup information.

There are lots of web resources included, and strategies are spelled out with complete, step-by-step instructions. Each chapter has a really short summary at the end. (I read the summaries first, then read the chapter.)

Pagnoni tells readers in the Introduction that the book covers Contributed Income only. (Fees-for-Service Income is not his area of expertise.) Just as well. The 224 pages in the book are chocked full of plenty of information on the topic of fundraising. Most readers, unless they’re already experts in the field themselves, will find this to be a terrific resource and more than enough information to process and put into practice. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Pagan Portals: Fairy Witchcraft

Moon Books

Can you recognize a fairy cat?

Morgan Daimler has interacted with Fairies since she was a small child. She views them three-dimensionally, not as the limited New Age/media-interpreted versions that many of us are familiar with. She sees them as they are with their full range of emotions and motivations. Telling it like it is, she recounts her system of Fairy Witchcraft, based on decades of personal experience. She goes back to the roots of Celtic pagan wisdom to put it all into perspective, but it’s clear that the information she conveys is not from “book learning”. It comes from contact with the Fey Folk themselves.

This very personal recollection has a special air of enchantment about it. As one reads, it becomes clear that Daimler not only has personal experience with the Wee Folk, she has been completely charmed by them. She has not, however, been deluded by “pixie-led glamour”. She just likes these ethereal creatures, warts and all.

The book contains lots of rituals, correspondences, and magical tools. The interweaving of modern witchcraft with fairy lore makes for a special experience and Daimler opens the door for us to join her in that world. Fun to read … Full of information … Complete with in-depth references at the end … This is a gift from the fairy realms indeed, delivered by one of their biggest fans.  SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest — The Practice of Greater Kan and Li

Destiny Books

Can you enter the Wu Wei state?

This latest collaboration between Mantak Chia and Andrew Jan begins with a history of the Kan and Li practice, starting with its roots in early shamanism, moving into the Philosophical Taoism of Lao-tzu, through Religious Taoism, External Alchemy,. Internal Alchemy, and finally arriving at modern Taoist practices.

Greater Kan and Li exercises are categorized as advanced study, but the text has been very well-thought-out.The foundation principles of the practice are explained in very clear and precise terms. The basics of the Eight Pillars of Health, the Five Elements, The Eight Forces, Trigrams, Immortality, Magical Powers, Astral Flight, and Animal and Plant Symbolism,  are all put into understandable terms for easy access. Comparisons are made with familiar systems like Astrology and Yoga, even Christian teachings, so that as many people as possible will find a comfortable door into these extraordinary teachings. After detailed instruction for the advanced exercises, there is a section entitled Home Practice, which offers less experienced readers a realistic starting point. The book is designed so that readers can begin learning this powerful system regardless of their level of skill.

Master Chia spent most of his early life studying with Taoist masters all over the East. He absorbed and preserved ancient wisdom that might otherwise have been lost. For decades now he has been sharing that information with others, teaching teachers, and inviting co-authors to bring additional perspective to what he knows. The power of his system is that it encourages participation in society. Followers are encouraged to live in the day-to-day world, not to isolate with like-minded people. This latest book is a standout among a vast library of worthwhile reading. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest — Awaken the Inner Shaman

Sounds True

Can you see in the dark?

Seeing in the dark is an ancient definition of shaman. José Stevens has made a career out of updating that definition and making the truth of it accessible to people around the world. He has spent most of his adult life traveling the globe seeking out legitimate tribal teachers who work with subtle energies and altered states of consciousness. He has learned their wisdom firsthand and, in true shaman fashion, has brought it back into his day-to-day world and incorporated it into his life.

I read Stevens’ Secrets of Shamanism 25 years ago and I still recommend it to people. As with that and all his previous books, Stevens once again provides a well-thought-out mixture of psychology, wisdom teachings, and practical guided meditation techniques. There is a lyrical quality to his writing which conveys the magical quality of the things he is telling readers about. He speaks of other worldly things as if they were commonplace occurrences — because to him they are.

The book is full of exercises for heightening our shamanic instincts. The instructions and explanations make them easy for readers to practice on their own. Stevens’ accompanying narrative makes this not only a compelling read but also makes it all seem so possible to achieve. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest — Plant Spirit Medicine

Sounds True

What do plants want to tell you?

Deep in the Amazon, the indigenous people will tell you that in order for a plant to heal you, the spirit of the plant must come to you in a dream and tell you how to use it. We live in a world that doesn’t often make time for those kind of wisdom teachings. Cowan, who has worked with many shamans and healers, is committed to leaving a record of what is being lost. Since he began this work in 1991, circumstances have changed for the better a bit. Now, with this new edition of his book, he is more hopeful that the value of these teachings will be recognized and preserved.

Through the pages of the book, you will meet many people and enjoy a narrative of healing, hope, and transcendent connection with nature. You will not find herbal treatments for disease or other-worldly diagnostic techniques. In addition, Cowan tells us that living fully, not preventing death, is the goal. You will learn how to recognize and engage plant life that wishes to speak with you, how to use dream states to receive communication from plant spirits, and how pilgrimages bring us in touch with these sacred teachings.

This is a magical journey, told very descriptively and with great reverence and love. It is a story about repairing the web of life — on this side and the other. The best news is that we can practice these ancient teachings in our own backyards or with the herb gardens on our kitchen window sills. Cowan tells us how to do that. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest — The Practical Drucker


Peter Drucker was a business management “Golden Boy” before the media invented “Golden Boys”. He’s been called the inventor of modern management and the grandfather of modern marketing. Eight years after his death, his ideas are more relevant than ever, and predictions he made decades ago have been proven uncannily accurate.

William Cohen, who was mentored by Drucker, has pulled together 40 of Drucker’s most viable concepts and put them into one book. Presented in a well-organized format, and highly readable, the book provides insight and illustration into Drucker, his concepts, and the impact he has had on modern business. Drucker was ultimately a practical visionary. His ideas, such as “handling a crisis”, “remedying destructive office politics”, “making better decisions by questioning assumptions”, and “avoiding the five deadly marketing sins” were meant to be put into action. Now one of his favorite students has put them into a very practical format. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to gain perspective on leadership and marketing from one of the century’s true geniuses. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest — The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians

Weiser Books

What will you find in the sephiroth?

After failing to reconcile an ecstatic experience within her Catholic faith, Anita Kraft began a search for insight and guidance which eventually brought her to modern Gnosticism, practical magic, and the Qabalah. After reading everything she could find about Qabalah, she began putting what she had learned into practice, creating her own methods for practicing the ancient, esoteric Jewish tradition. Now she is passing what she developed onto readers.

Kraft is a teacher. She has finely-honed communication skills and she has called upon all of those skills in order to put this workbook together. Qabalah is often perceived as a complicated subject. Kraft has worked hard to dispel that idea. Well-organized and very readable, her guide to becoming a practical qabalist is filled with easily-accessible information designed to be put into practice. She sends readers in search of their own Qabalistic discoveries and insights, and she provides us with a very solid foundation from which to work. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest — Ice Cream Social

Berrett-Koehler Publishers

How social is your ice cream?
Ben & Jerry achieved superstar status by making really good ice cream in a socially conscious way. They did it, initially, without a mission statement or a business plan. They just wanted to make money by making and selling ice cream in a small shop in Vermont and tried not to hurt anybody while they did it. They succeeded, then failed, then changed and tried again, then sold to Unilever and changed again. This is their story. It’s told by Jeff Furman who was there for the whole ride, staying after Ben & Jerry left to fight for the ideal which Ben & Jerry’s had come to represent.

The company was a test balloon sent up into the ethers of profit-hungry corporate America. Or perhaps it was more like a canary sent into a mine shaft, who survived but just barely. This book captures it all. The passion, the creativity, the business missteps, the anguish, the compromise, the To Be Continued. It’s a tale that every socially conscious American should read. It’s a tale that every Ben & Jerry’s fan will want to read. See for yourself. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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